Beyond the Glass Pool

Dark Days and the Iron Keep

Our adventure begins as Elakas Softstone, Phineas “Fiddler” Ficklefoot and Granite have been hired by the merchant Denis to travel with him on the road to Harken Village. Along the way they where met by a traveling priest who turned out to be nothing but a common mugger. He had setup a trap to steal from all passing merchants along with his gang. Elakas had spent much of his life in the woods and noticed the ambush well in time to warn the others. Granite not wanting for to wait from the trap to be sprung decided to start things off with a strong kick to the priest that he would never forget. A battle ensued with the rest of the bandit gang but they were turning out to be no match for the Rangers skill or Barbarians fury. As one of the bandits seemed to get the upper hand on Fiddler he was saved by a mysterious female Elf. She introduced herself as Lini Gladerunner, a Ranger from Harken Village and its sworn protector. Along the way she explained what was happening in the area, what there were more bandits on the road and how it used to be different before the fall of Iron Keep. Later that night after some well deserved rest and a spell at “Aunt Nonnie’s Inn” the ventured back out only to find the town being attacked by the undead. After a brief skirmish with a horde of skeletons they managed to save the Village elder and learned of a possible way to lift the curse that has befallen the land, but it would take them into the one place no one has ventured in 50 years, The Iron Keep. After a nights rest they made there way to the base of the Keep in search of a secret door describe to them by Lini. They managed to make there way into the keep only to be confronted by the last days of its inhabitants. There were skeletons everywhere but going about there business as if stuck in the same motions they had died in. The group headed for the Library to try to find information on something known as the “Glass Pool”.

The road into Darkness

Denis is a merchant that often travels between Harkenwold and the villages to the south beyond Harken Forest. But the roads have become more and more dangerous in these dark times, as such travel alone is not longer a safe option. He has pooled together some extra coin and hired a group of adventures as body guards. They are fresh to the road but every adventure starts with a small beginning.


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